Future Technology Today is a software developer operating its own mainframes, minis and client server networks. We are not a body shop. One of our key services is to provide highly skilled people to work at a client's site and under the client's management when the client prefers it. With over 300 contractors working worldwide, our track record is exceptional for matching up candidates with the technical requirements. Our management is very technical and they match the technical specifications with the candidates before a client ever gets to see a resume. Our track record is very high when it comes to first shot acceptance. You do not receive a pile of resumes. We do all the screening required by highly technical people. By the time our candidate gets to you, 97% of the time he or she will be hired. 

Key Benefits

[Check] Technical specification are matched to the candidate prior to client receiving a resume
[Check] Minimum interviewing
[Check] 97% first hit rate
[Check] In addition, our contractors can rely on us for technical support and training. Our equipment is available to them when necessary. Project can be part on-site and part off-site as well.