WorkStation Stowage

[Product Image] WSS is a graphical user interface that allows a stevedore/port operator to see an image of the ship with all its cargo and cargo bays. (The ship's view can also be changed to a yard or warehouse) All containers are color coded by port of destination. Color assignment and control is all in the hands of the operator to dynamically associate colors and labels for each workstation. Each container can display it's serial number, contents and hazmat info in many configurations.  Even the ships captain, while at sea, can examine his entire cargo from an on board computer. The system interfaces seamlessly to any Yard system. FTT also offers a full Yard Management System (YMS).   FTT external drivers provide EDI flexibility to both legacy systems, as well as business partners.

Key Benefits

[Check] Managed automated approach to loading, re-stowing and unloading
[Check] Pre-planning enables efficient resource allocation
[Check] Automation allows for central or de-centralized operations.
[Check] Optimization use of Real Estate the use of Real Estate while automating row parking for grounded, wheeled or transtainers.
[Check] Full stability with balancing of Tanks, GM, GZ, Bend & Sheer and Moments are all provided in real time.
[Check] Fully EDI compliant for EDDIFACT, TDDC, Gentran or even proprietary formats.